New school for all

WITH regards to last week's letter by A Laughton, saying new schools would be disastrous I would like to respond as a Gomersal parent of three.

Friday, 2nd July 2010, 10:56 am

This is an absolutely ridiculous suggestion.

It is clearly apparent that BBGPA has the interests of the local community at heart and are not trying to build a school exclusively for their children.

The level of support for this school is projected from the community as a whole and not just a group of parents. This was clearly apparent by the attendance numbers at the rallies held. The "democratically elected body" is a cabinet of councillors who mainly live around Huddersfield and have no idea about our community, except from what they hear from the head of governors at Whitcliffe Mount school and obviously have their own agenda.

What they have proposed is divisive and financially inaccurate and any resistance/criticism has simply made them more determined to go ahead.

I believe that BBGPA wants to improve standards for ALL schoolchildren in surrounding areas and that is why they have tried to work with the local authority and continue to do so.

The proposed catchment zone for the new school will include one of the most deprived areas in the country so families, whatever their financial position or class status, will be able to exercise choice.

Most people do not have blinkers on and can see past the politics behind all of this. They know that choice will raise standards through increased competition and nobody wants 'super schools' of 1,500 plus children where the teachers don't know children's names and bullying is rife.

Finally, as an ex school governor, every child is assigned a pot of money and that money is allocated to the child whichever school they attend so therefore a new school would not be taking anyone else's money.


Grove Close