New town for Chain Bar?

Two Bradford councillors have denied suggesting a “new town” should be built at Chain Bar.

Wharfedale independent councillors Anne Hawkesworth and Adrian Naylor said in a newspaper article last week that sites in south Bradford would be “the obvious direction” for building a new town. Coun Hawkesworth was also reported to have said an area “close to where the M606 and M62 meet” (Chain Bar roundabout) would be suitable.

But the two have since denied rumours that they see a brownfield site near the roundabout as a possible area for development.

Coun Naylor said: “I couldn’t comment on Cleckheaton, because I am not familiar with that area.

“All we are saying is that brownfield sites should be considered for development, because when there is a housing shortage, the people who need houses are usually on lower incomes, and building on greenfield sites would just create expensive houses.

“In the past, there has been a bit of a piecemeal approach by councils to build houses, and we need to look at bigger projects.”

Coun Hawkesworth said any site that met the criteria should be considered but would not say whether she would favour a new town being built on the brownfield site between the M606 and the M62.

She said: “I am not trying to impose more new houses on Cleckheaton.

“But if there are brownfield sites reaching the criteria for provisions such as schools and transport links, then it is something we should look at.”

Wyke councillor David Robinson rubbished the suggestions, saying: “It’s nothing but petty NIMBY-ism.

“They don’t want new housing built in leafy Ilkley, but they are fine with them being built in south Bradford.

“Well I’m sorry, but we have already approved plans for new homes in Odsal, and when there is a housing shortage we all have to chip in.”