New Year arrival for Max

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NEW parents Jordan Lofthouse and Melissa Wood had a dramatic start to the new year when their son Max was born.

Little Max arrived a day early, at 2.26am, and was the first baby to be born at Dewsbury and District Hospital on New Year’s Day.

Melissa, 20, was at home on New Year’s Eve when her waters broke.

“We went to the hospital, but because I wasn’t very far into my labour they sent me home,” she said.

“I hadn’t been back home long when the pains really started so we went back to the hospital.

“It was a fairly straight-forward labour which was only three hours and 49 minutes, which is really good, particularly for a first birth.

“I’ve been really lucky all the way through my pregnancy, I’ve had no sickness or anything.”

Max’s proud parents brought him back to their home in Walton Heights, Hightown, on Monday.

“He’s been brilliant and absolutely loves being cuddled,” added Melissa.