New year, new look for mum and daughter

Mother and daughter Gillian Stilgoe and Katie Frear who have both lost over 8 stones.
Mother and daughter Gillian Stilgoe and Katie Frear who have both lost over 8 stones.

A mother and daughter are enjoying their just desserts after each shedding eight stones in weight.

Gillian Stilgoe and her daughter Katie Frear have both halved their clothes size and now fit into 12s after years of having to buy size 24 outfits.

Student nurse Katie, 26, has dropped from almost 21st to just over 12 and lost 20 inches from around her waist and 10 inches from each thigh. Meanwhile, Gillian, 51, has shrunk from over 18st to 11.

The two, who live in Cleckheaton, now look so different that friends and relatives have walked by without recognising them.

Their weight loss came through following the Alizonne Diet, run by practising GP and diet expert Dr Mark Palmer at his clinic in Rothwell, Leeds.

It uses protein-based meal replacements combined with treatments to tighten loose skin as the weight comes off, and has cost them a total of around £10,000 – but they say it was worth the price.

Gillian, who is also a nurse, used money from an endowment mortgage to pay for the diet and said: “I could have saved the money for my retirement but I wanted us both to have a life now, it was the best decision I ever made and absolutely worth every penny.” She began gaining weight in her teens and piled on the pounds after she had her two children.

“I was eating too much of the wrong things. I carried on eating the stodge I was brought up on,” she said.

Gillian’s eating habits rubbed off on her daughter, something she felt immensly guilt about.

“I thought it was my fault, that she had learned bad habits from me,” she said.

Katie said: “I was eating stodge like my mum, and eating portions that were too big.”

However that ended when they began the Alizonne diet, which gradually reintroduces food after a period on meal replacements. Gillian said: “We have both lost our sweet tooth now, we are just not tempted anymore. The weight just fell off both of us and that motivated us to continue.”

Their weight loss has massively boosted their confidence. The last time Katie wore a dress was when she was eight, preferring leggings and t-shirts.

“My clothes style was basically anything that covered me up,” she said. “I am just so much more outgoing. Me and a friend have even started going to a pole dancing class!

“Before, I would make up excuses not to go out. I would say I had no money, or it was too far to go or that I wasn’t well, or that I was already going out with family. Anything to avoid having to face people. But not any more.”

Gillian said: “We both have so much more self esteem now. It was a struggle bringing up my children as a single parent and my weight made that so much worse. Life has turned around for us.”