No sticky situations for our Chloe

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A YOUNG bobby on the beat made an extra special constable when she joined a Wyke police offer on patrol.

Youngster Chloe McGuire joined PCSO Denis Bennett as part of the Marmalade Club, which was was set up after he visited Shirley Manor School in Wyke to talk about consequences and responsibility.

During the talk he joked that the only long word he knew was ‘marmalade’ and the name stuck - just like the real thing.

The club helps children understand their responsibilities and the importance of making the right decisions in life. At the end of each year, one youngster is chosen to go out on patrol with PCSO Bennett.

He said: “When I go into the school, all the children know who I am and that they can approach me about any concerns they have. The Marmalade Club also gives me the opportunity to discuss life issues, such as bullying and also to highlight the consequences of our actions.”

Each week pupils vote for the ‘Marmalader of the week’ and the winner is given a T-shirt.

Teacher Hannah Brown said: “Behaviour massively improved over the year and in the summer we had a Marmalade graduation. We then voted for a Marmalader of the year where they got a prize and the opportunity to go out on patrol with PCSO Bennett.”