Nursery rating overturned

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A playgroup which was deemed ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted inspectors has had its rating overturned.

Al-Noor Playgroup Nursery, based at Batley Carr Community Centre, was given the worst possible rating by education officials in January.

But playgroup advisor Mohammed Pandor challenged the rating claiming there were flaws in the inspection.

After a follow-up visit last month, the nursery has had its ‘good’ rating reinstated.

Mr Pandor said: “We are always looking to improve and we are pleased Ofsted have recognised the good work we do.

“It was more important to us to let parents know that we offer good services for their children.

“I think that is clear as we have a massive waiting list.”

Inspector Helene Terry praised the playgroup for having an effective working partnership with parents to help meet the children’s needs.

She said: “Teaching is effective because staff understand how to promote children’s learning and development and they have high expectations for their achievements.

“The children’s progress is good given their starting points and capabilities.

“Children are cared for by a kind, caring and attentive staff team. As a result, they are happy and settled in their surroundings.”

In response to the comments, Mr Pandor said he was pleased and they would work hard to help it reach an outstanding rating.