Old school ties

IT'S exactly 60 years since this picture was taken.

The photograph shows Standard 1 pupils at Millbridge Upper School at Easter 1948 when the children would have been seven or eight years old.

It was loaned to us by Derek Brown, of Liversedge, who is ninth from the left on the back row.

Derek said: “I can’t believe it’s 60 years ago, it’s just as if it was yesterday.

“I went there from the age of three and I remember that we used to have to go to bed in the afternoon!

“In those days Millbridge Upper took pupils from three to 15-years-old.

“You took your 11+ and if you passed you went to Heckmondwike Grammar School, but I was so good they wanted to keep me!”

Those pictures are: back row from the left - Dermot Asquith, J Rushworth, Derek Garnett, John Firth, Philip Moore, David Hoyer, Graham Hutton, Jeffrey Wooller, Derek Brown, David Stead, Colin Thornton and Paul Fox; middle row - Stuart Archer, Alwen Elsye, Roland Smith, John Garnett, Graham Furness, Harold Crossley, Paul Evans, Peter Webster, Ian Fraser, Noel Jackson, Michael Peace, Maureen Barber, Christine Chambers and Jean Medley; front row - Jennifer Swales, Pauline Rayne, Barbara Haydon, Pat Briggs, Jean Roberts, Margaret Lockwood, Pauline Ramsden, Elizabeth Rhodes, Barbara White, Arlene Drake, Marlene Carter, Betty Gomersal, Pauline Senior, K Wiseman, Barbara Dennison and June Blackburn.