‘Once you race, you will want to again’

Nicky Hoyle
Nicky Hoyle

Keen runners will be treading their way to Mirfield as the second Hoppits Hill races return to town.

The Hoppits Hill races are back this weekend, and after a successful first year, its organiser hopes to attract even more participants this time round.

The races, which take place on Sunday, will raise money for Kirkwood Hospice.

Organiser Nicky Spinks said:”We are really looking forward to the races, and I hope that lots of people who haven’t raced before will come.

“I think with running races, it can be quite daunting at first, but once you do it once, you want to race again, and this is for a food cause too.”

The event, which starts at Hopton Mills Cricket Club will include refreshments, as well as face painting, cake stalls, tug-o-war. Prizes and medals are available for race winners.

There will be both junior and adult races at the event, with the senior 5.6km climb up Hoppits Hill, will begin at 1pm. Junior races start at 11.30am. Entry into the races costs from £1-£4. Nicky said she hopes the race will raise about £500.

The face was organised in memory of her friend and former owner of the Hopton Estate, David Bell, who died in 2009.

For more information on the faces, visit www.hoppits.co.uk.