Just how does the managed motorway work?

I understand that the changes to the M62 from Ainley top to the M1-M62 interchange are now complete.

Friday, 25th October 2013, 3:55 pm

So can the powers that be explain to me how it works?

I understood the use of the hard shoulder was at peak times only and would be indicated on the overhead gantries.

When the hard shoulder was not to be used, a red circle with a bar would be over the lane.

Having travelled down the M62 on Sunday there was no such indication!

Moving on from that I think the following plans should now be proposed to alleviate traffic on the Chain Bar roundabout.

1. take away the two car sharing lane on the M606 and allow traffic to sweep onto the M62 Eastbound. The DTI could also introduce another lane to assist the flow of traffic, there is enough land to accommodate this. Failing this they could allow the HGVs to use the lane thus preventing them having to stop at the roundabout.

2. Reintroduce the original plan for the traffic going west on the M62 to join the M606. This was to tunnel under the Chain Bar roundabout and bring it up to join the M606.

These two suggestions would certainly relieve the roundabout and the DTI could leave the traffic lights alone!

I realise there is a cost to all of this but are we serious about keeping the traffic flowing or is it about stopping it?