Letter: Did councillors have something better to do?

I would like to know something, why was it that not one of the three Heckmondwike councillors, including the leader of Kirklees David Sheard, came to the very first meeting of the Batley and Spen area committee?

Saturday, 13th September 2014, 10:00 am

It was Coun Sheared that had come up with the plans for these new much larger areas – the Batley and Spen areas have now been merged into one big area – and it is him and his ruling party who has come up with the idea to close just about all the libraries, museums and the like across Kirklees.

He is one of the 18 councillors who should have been there. He should have been there representing the people of Heckmondwike. There were councillors from all the other wards, but it is a sad state of affairs when the people of Kirklees are having such huge cuts thrust on them, and when these cuts are being pushed through by councillors who do not seem to care about the public’s feelings. I was one of many who could have been at a different event but due to the importance of the cuts I chose to be at the meeting at Batley Town Hall.

I know these councillors may not want to be questioned by the great unwashed peasants – sorry, I mean members of the public – but surely at a time like this it is the duty of our political representatives to face the music and answer some awkward questions? It was our only chance before the next meeting which is in November in Cleckheaton. By then decisions might have been made and it may well be too late.

John Alan Ramsden

Carlton Way