Letter: Seeking information on Walter Kilburn of Dewsbury who left for Canada

My name is Stephan John Norgate, I am a retired Police Officer having served most of my time in Dewsbury.

Wednesday, 10th September 2014, 10:00 am

I am now retired and living in Spain, I am writing a journal about my life and family but I have no real information about my Grandfather ‘Walter Kilburn’.

My father was born out of wedlock and was therefore named Eric Kilburn Norgate.

Walter later married my Grandmother Amelia and they had another 3 sons.

My Grandfather apparently joined the Canadian Regiment and went to live in Canada leaving his family behind in the UK?

The only information I have about him is that he was born 1892 and was a Stoker on H.M.S Donegal.

I have recently been told that he visited Dewsbury around 1956,57 or 58, reason unknown but he did not contact his family .

Apparently the Dewsbury Reporter wrote an article about his visit and I wonder if you or any readers may have any record of that.

I have tried to contact The Canadian Regiment but they have very few records of anything and directed me to H.M Forces UK.

I would appreciate any information Reporter Series readers could give me.

Stephen J. Norgate