In memory of Isabella

FOLLOWING the recent articles in the Spenborough Guardian about the Isabella Blues Band, we thought readers might like to know about our next charity night.

Friday, 14th September 2012, 10:58 am

The band, formed in memory of our grand-daughter Isabella Dean, who died of heart problems when she was just one, is playing at Batley Central Club on Friday October 5.

Also appearing will be Britain’s Got Talent’s Craig Harper and Bonnie, a Lady Gaga tribute act are also on the bill. All the acts are appearing for free and all proceeds will go to Ronald Macdonald House, Liverpool, and Heartline.

The club committee has really come on board, contacting local businesses to support us and they are running a special bingo session as well as a raffle for us.

Because of limited seats, it is a ticket-only event – available from the club or by calling 07704 320745.

In addition we have recorded a song in memory of Isabella which readers can see on Youtube Isabella Blues Band then by clicking on Sadie. It should come up with This journey – Sadie.

This is a one take recording done in a studio that has been put on Youtube to see what reaction it gets. So far it has had a big impact on those who have watched it.

We need people to view the song to judge the reaction as we hope to release the song soon with all proceeds going to our charities.


Isabella Blues Band