Relaxing planning laws is ludicrous

We are now aware just how much this Tory-led government is to relax the planning laws on the basis that other people spending their own money is going to beat the recession created in Downing Street!

Friday, 14th September 2012, 10:58 am

How ludicrous – are they not aware that many people who own their own homes are just as strapped for cash as those in rented accommodation.

At the same time developers who have been sitting on plots of land with planning permission for 400,000 houses are to be encouraged to start building now that the requirement for them to build so-called affordable housing through Housing Associations has been relaxed. More profit for them.

At the same time the green belt is no longer sacrosanct on the basis that in Cambridgeshire the local authority has swapped a piece of green belt for an another parcel of less attractive land. Obviously the developer stands to make more profit from the green belt land rather than the alternative.

In the Guardian (September 7) we see that Redrow have started prospecting at Blacup Farm in spite of the land not being designated for development.

The same story applies with the Howard Cook proposals at Norristhorpe where he has apparently invested a fortune in plans for land designated as Green Belt.

Unfortunately I think that this government will bend over backwards to go against KMC and particularly after the reshuffle. Both Redrow and Howard Cook could have sought to develop the so-called brownfield sites in Kirklees.

All we need now is for Alan Carcas to declare his support for the building of thousands of houses across Kirklees now that David Cameron (leader of the Conservatory party?) has stated that home extensions and conservatory building is the answer to the economic mess he has perpetuated for the last three years.


Oxford Road