Time to sort out hospital mess

I AM very sad to see the gradual decline a well-loved wonderful asset to the Spen Valley, Dewsbury and District Hospital.

Friday, 13th July 2012, 10:59 am

It seems the dictates of Blair and Brown in previous administrations that private finance should be used to build hospitals, instead of cash directly from the health service, has no doubt left the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust with a huge debt to service.

Many people in the local area have no idea where Pinderfields Hospital is! I have had to visit Pinderfields on two occasions, and agree with a previous contributor to the Guardian and think that the architect was a fan of Star Wars – such a cavernous entrance, a waste of space, and the main bulk of the car park is a long distance away.

It is perhaps time for the central health service administration to take on the job of sorting it out.

Another wonderful asset under threat is the green belt land known as Kirklees Hall – or the Cooper Bridge development.

I received a reply email from the Secretary of State’s department for communities and local government. In answer to one of my questions came this reply. ‘It is a statutory requirement for local authorities to engage with communities and supply information on request’.

I don’t think that all information was forthcoming to local protest groups, or for that matter local councillors who were kept it the dark as to where Cooper Bridge actually was located.

I think that in this case the plans should go back to council to debate again, and this time do the right thing and leave the beautiful green land with all its wonderful flora and fauna for future generations to enjoy.


Huddersfield Road