Ossett cafe owner ‘warns’ customers she is black

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An Ossett cafe owner has put up a sign telling customers she is black because it upsets her to see people leave when they see the colour of her skin.

A sign on the door of Yeanon Cafe, on Bank Street, tells customers: “I am a black woman... If you are allergic to black people, don’t come in.”

And mother-of-three Martha-Renee Kolleh, who runs the cafe, said she put it there because she was hurt by the way some people reacted when they walked in.

She said: “Sometimes people just turn around and walk straight out, other times they’ll say they got the wrong place.

“Sometimes they tell me they are going to withdraw some cash and then they just don’t come back.

“I put the sign up because I can’t stand them coming in and then leaving when they see I am black.”

Ms Kolleh said she would have to close the cafe if her takings remained low.

But she said a lot of people in the town were supporting her over the issue.

Wakefield Council is expected to comment soon.

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