Our Jolyon is just champion

UNDEFEATED seven-year-old Jolyon West is celebrating after becoming Youth Grasstrack Autos British Champion.

Jolyon fought to finish first place during the British Championships, cheered on by his proud family. He celebrated the win by spraying champagne over his competitors in the Cadets category!

He rode in two categories this year, on his 50cc Auto Cadet bike as well as on the Cadet Grass Slider bike.

Jolyon also rides for both Yorkshire and Lancashire clubs, where he is top of the leader board, on points, for both.

Proud mum Emma West said: “It was his aim at the start of the season to come first, so he has achieved that.

“We are all 100 per cent behind him, as are his grandparents, uncles and cousins who come to support him.”

During the season, Jolyon has raced riders at Pickering, Skegness, Swindon and Bristol – where his British Championship triumph put him on the podium.

Jolyon took second place during the championships last year and improved on his performance by winning all five races this time out.

There is one last race before the end of the 2011 season. He will turn eight in November and graduatesto the Cadet 65cc category, as well as being eligible for the MX65 motocross races.

Emma added: “It’s just a case of him practising on the 65cc bike this winter. We’re just all so proud of him.”