Our little star

HAPPY FAMILY: Joanne, Harry and Poppy Pearson. (d222a302)
HAPPY FAMILY: Joanne, Harry and Poppy Pearson. (d222a302)

A MUM who suffered the same extreme morning sickness condition as Kate Middleton has given birth to a baby girl – and says her new daughter Poppy is worth almost losing her life because of the condition.

Joanne Pearson, 32, of Liversedge, developed the UK’s worst case of hyperemesis gravidarum three weeks into her pregnancy, causing her to vomit up to 60 times a day.

She could not eat or drink, lost almost 25 per cent of her body weight in two weeks, spent six months in hospital after suffering kidney failure, was sick for 254 days and became the only UK patient to take chemotherapy anti-sickness medication and nutrition through a tube into her heart.

Her ordeal ended when Poppy Elizabeth Joan Pearson was born at 10.40pm on December 30, weighing 5lb 7oz.

And Joanne, also mum to Harry, 13, said having her baby daughter was worth all her suffering.

She said: “When she was born I was amazed she was perfect because the drugs were so strong, but the doctors know what they are doing.

“My mum cut the cord and Harry has been very protective of her.

“It was like having a celebrity baby because all the staff I got to know while I was in hospital came in to meet her.”

Joanne said the first thing she ate was a tuna, cheese and red onion sandwich.

She said: “My appetite came back straight away. It was scary but I was so hungry I just ate it. It’s amazing not to feel sick any more.”

Joanne thanked consultant John Jolly, nurses and staff at Pinderfields and family and friends for their support.

She said: “Everyone at Pinderfields was out of this world. They are setting up a research case – Mr Jolly said mine was the worst case ever in the UK.

“The charity Pregnancy Sickness Support has now asked me to be a counsellor for sufferers in Yorkshire and Humber. Hyperemesis is so debilitating that 70 per cent of women have a termination.

“When I see how perfect Poppy is, she’s definitely been worth it all. She’s a star,” she added.