Our son faces life sentence, says dad

Northgate, Heckmondwike. (d03111011)
Northgate, Heckmondwike. (d03111011)

THE father of a man left unable to walk or talk following a brutal attack by two teens has spoken out about their sentences.

Kevin Wood, 35, of Heckmondwike, was assaulted by teenage thugs Ryan Jones and Ben Haynes, both 17, in October last year as he took his dog for a walk. The pair were locked-up on Tuesday for a total of 17 years.

In the attack, Mr Wood had a fractured skull and damage around his right eye and extensive brain damage.

His father, Trevor, has criticised the sentence the teens received.

“They might serve four years, but my lad is 35 years old and he will never be right,” he said.

“When they finally admitted what they had done, the judge said they had used friends to lie for them and hit themselves in the face to make it look like Kevin hit them first.

“They knew they had done something wrong. But why didn’t they call someone instead of waiting seven-and-a-half hours for Kevin to be found? My son could be dead right now.

“The lack of oxygen to his brain caused by the skull fracture could have been treated if they had done the right thing but they’re just cowards.”

Kevin, who has a 15-year-old daughter called Jade Rebecca, was initially taken to Dewsbury and District Hospital after the attack, before being moved to the intensive care unit at Leeds General Infirmary.

He is now receiving constant care at Pinderfields Hospital nuerological rehabilitation ward.

Kevin’s family — mum Susan, brother Colin and sister Vickie — are all devastated by what has happened.

Leeds Crown Court heard how he is unable to speak and is likely to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Trevor added: “When Kevin comes out of hospital he will go to his mum. For the rest of her life she has to look after him, which is like getting a life sentence when these boys will serve about four years.

“Some days Kevin is happy and it’s all thumbs up to everyone, but he will never get his life back.

“We would like to thank everyone at LGI and Pinderfields rehabilitation centres, who have done a tremendous job in helping Kevin.

“We also want to thank the person who found Kevin and called the ambulance.

“Without their help he would not be here today.”