Our Vic is rockin’ all over the world!

Spen’s newest musical star is hitting the high-notes after penning the tune with bandmates thousands of miles apart!

Vic Holroyd, a guitarist from Moorside, Cleckheaton, has recently recorded a country song with musicians in Orebro, Sweden and Nashville, Tennissee, and it is already making waves in the country music world.

Leaving Sweden was recorded with singer Thomas Ahlberg and Lonnie C Ratliff – despite the trio never having met – and involved the band, known as Mr Tom and the Nashvillians, exchanging ideas and recordings across the internet over a number of weeks. Vic said: “A lot of songs are written and recorded over the internet these days, but it was still exciting to be a part of.

“Thomas had written the lyrics, and when he had heard me and Lonnie, he asked us to put a tune to the song.”

After the song was posted to the internet, interest received by the trio surprised Vic: “We had a girl from Tulsa, Oaklahoma ask us if she could record it as Leaving Tulsa! It very flattering to have people think so much of our work.

“I have been writing songs for my own enjoyment for most of my life, but I only recently got into writing country music – I’ve enjoyed it though.”

In the future, Vic plans to continue with his songwriting, but has no plans for the trio to embark on a world tour just yet.

He said: “It is definitely something we’re going to continue doing for our own enjoyment, I don’t think we’ll be playing Carnegie Hall anytime soon!”

Check out Leaving Sweden by Mr Tom and the Nashvillians at www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c4sbf9a8Yo.