Pair jailed for kidnap plot

JAILED: Ryan Walker.
JAILED: Ryan Walker.

TWO men have been jailed for their part in a botched robbery and kidnap plot.

Ryan Walker, 26, of Park Drive, Liversedge, and Shaun George Clough, 22, Hare Park Avenue, Hightown, were jailed at Leeds Crown Court on Friday for robbery, false imprisonment and kidnap.

JAILED: Shaun Clough.

JAILED: Shaun Clough.

The pair, wearing masks and dark clothing, burst into the Heckmondwike home of Wayne Routledge wielding knives and a rounders bat, demanding cash and drugs from the terrified occupants.

Walker struggled with Mr Routledge, cutting his arm with the knife, while Clough tied up tother people in the house – including two girls aged five and six.

A pillowcase was put on Mr Routledge’s head and he was bundled into the back of a car and driven around Liversedge for more than 10 minutes, terrified for his life.

He managed to escape and alert staff at the Londis store in Knowler Hill, who called the police.

Robin Frieze, mitigating for Walker, said he had ordered Clough to tie up the occupants in the house.

Clough still denies the attack, despite being found guilty by a jury during a four day trial last month. Walker admitted his involvement during an earlier hearing.

Michael Greenhalgh, mitigating for Clough, said the 22-year-old was not ‘without good qualities’ and had shown a desire to further himself while in prison.

Judge Colin Burn told the court that Walker had an extensive criminal history that includes 31 convictions for more than 100 offences since 1998. Clough had 16 convictions for 27 offences, and has served 27 months in prison.

Judge Burn said: “Mr Clough, witnesses described you as having a more subservient role along with two other men who are not in front of the court today.

“I accept you had no enthusiasm about this but there is no evidence that you withdrew. You refused to tie up the two little girls, much to the irritation of the other men. But in every other respect, you played your part in this.”

Judge Burn called Walker the ‘prime mover’ and added: “You were doing a lot of the shouting and making most of the decisions.

“It’s aggravated by your leadership role and by the fact you used a knife on Mr Routledge.

“He put his hands up to protect himself and it would appear that he received stab wounds to the arm, but mercifully it wasn’t a serious wound.”

Walker was given a total of seven-and-a-half years in prison, which included one count of conspiracy to grow cannabis and an attempted burglary charge. Clough was jailed for six years.