Parade day showed the town at best

The best yet! Well done Kirklees. I take my hat off to you for the Rifles Freedom parade of Dewsbury and Batley (Cheers for the Rifles, August 5).

I have been on Freedom parades of the Rifles in Doncaster, Leeds, Wakefield, and the Yorkshire Regiment in Bradford but the Dewsbury and Batley parade was the best.Dewsbury looked a picture and I was proud to originally come from the town.

Kirklees pulled out all the stops and all the visitors I spoke to were people who had never been to Dewsbury and said what nice town and buildings we have so well done Mr Mayor and Kirklees. Now all we need is larger union flags to be flown from Kirklees’ town halls before Remembrance Sunday.

You have already got the Union flags you bought a couple of years ago – though the one in Cleckheaton looks like a pea on a drum or a postage stamp – so what’s the problem? Any other country would have theirs put up in an instant.


Bradford Road