Parents’ fury at ‘danger drivers’

ANGER: Nickola Power with her daughters at the zebra crossing outside St Luke's First School.
ANGER: Nickola Power with her daughters at the zebra crossing outside St Luke's First School.

A MUM has slammed irresponsible drivers after having two near misses with cars failing to stop near St Luke’s First School in Cleckheaton.

Nickola Power, of West End Drive, has recounted the horror of seeing a car stop just inches from her as she was using a zebra crossing outside St Luke’s First School with her young children.

Mrs Power is furious that motorists on the busy road at Moorbottom are risking the lives of both adults and children by ignoring speed limits and the lollipop lady.

The first incident took place when a woman overtaking a bus nearly ploughed straight into her.

Mrs Power said: “I was picking my daughter up from school when I stopped at the crossing with a push- chair to wait until it was safe to cross.

“There was a bus coming down the hill and it started slowing down for me to cross. I got halfway across the road when the bus driver started waving at me and I knew something was wrong.

“Suddenly I saw a car overtake the bus and swerve in front of it. The female driver slammed on the brakes. She was easily going between 30 and 40 miles an hour.”

Mrs Power was left shaken by the incident.

Then last week she was on the school run with two of her older daughter’s friends and her youngest child, again in her pushchair.

As she was halfway across the road a large, black estate car flew down the hill and braked sharply at the last minute to let her cross.

The driver then flew into a rage and started swearing and ranting at her and the children.

Mrs Power said: “The driver was a well-to-do woman and she started beeping her horn at me.

“Then she started swearing at me in front of the children and they heard every word. It was disgusting.

“Something needs to be done about the traffic on there before someone is seriously injured.”

Mrs Power and other parents from the school want Kirklees to install speed cameras and calming measures.

The council said it was working with the police to monitor traffic on the road and urged drivers to adhere to the speed limit around the school.

A spokesman said: “We ask all drivers to think about how they can help crossing patrols and make sure our children are safe. Even the most simple things, like slowing down or giving way, can make all the difference.”

Parents have also contacted Spen MP Mike Wood and hope to discuss their concerns.

Mr Wood said: “It would be nice if drivers acknowledged that there is a school crossing, but there might be a need for physical measures to compel drivers to slow down.”