Parents’ illegal parking ‘appalling’

Governors have blasted parents’ illegal parking outside a school as ‘ridiculous, appalling and stupid’ – and warn if something is not done, children could be seriously hurt.

Saturday, 26th October 2013, 7:01 am
IN DANGERChildminder Sally Greenwood with pupils of the school. (D535J343)

Governor Angie Greenwood said children at Headlands School, Headlands Road, Liversedge, had already been hit with wing mirrors, and parents had been knocked by cars reversing out from where they had parked illegally.

She said a public meeting had been set up with police, councillors, parents and governors to try to find a solution.

She said: “Drivers park anywhere. It is incredibly dangerous. There are zig zags and keep clear signs, we put posters on streetlamps with children’s faces on, but they still park on the pavement three deep, on the corner of the junction and on the bus stop.

“We have had two or three serious near misses. A driver reversed into my daughter, Sally Greenwood, a childminder. A driver reversed into another girl with a pushchair – if she hadn’t pushed the buggy out of the way it would have been hit.

“Every September we have a new batch of parents. We send letters and hopefully by July some of them get the message but then a new lot come in. We want a solution”

Ms Greenwood said parents had been told they could park at Christ Church, which some did, but many could not be bothered to walk from there to the school.

She said Kirklees Council road safety officers had introduced walk to school incentives and a walking bus had been set up but the problem continued.

Governor David Beever, whose children go to the school, said they had tried everything, including asking police to come out and monitor activity 24 times this year – but parents did not park illegally when police were there.

The meeting is on Wednesday November 6 at at Christ Church parish centre, Church Lane, Liversedge, 6pm to 8pm.