‘People just aren’t coming in...’

Joanne Jackson, Oxfam Manager.
Joanne Jackson, Oxfam Manager.

Empty shelves, bare clothes racks and few customers – it is a scene that would be better-suited to North Korea than Cleckheaton.

But the Oxfam charity shop in Northgate has been hit not only by a lack of trade, but also a lack of stock, as fewer people are going into the town centre to make donations of clothes and goods.

Manager Joanne Jackson said: “It has got to the point where I am having to send volunteers home, as there is nothing for them to do in the shop.

“People aren’t coming into town much, and I think this is because of the gas works in Westgate.

“We usually rely on donations for our stock, so at the moment our shelves are left empty.”

In the past four weeks, takings in the shop have gone down 25 per cent - with the store losing out on more than £350 of trade a week.

Joanne added: “We are down to our last few bits left to sell in the shop – people just aren’t coming in at the moment.”