‘People know him as Mr Cricket’

A cricketer who inspired generations of youngsters to play the game has had a trophy named after him.

Farid Karolia, of Cullingworth Street, Dewsbury, has been recognised for his work in the community and involvement in the sport.

The veteran cricketer, who founded Mount Cricket Club in 1974, was honoured by the Yorkshire Cricket Board.

“It was a surprise to me and I didn’t expect anything like this at all,” he said.

“We set up the club because we could not get a game and then more and more youngsters were turning up to play.

“It was our philosophy to encourage them to join and we never turned them away.”

Mr Karolia is chairman of Dewsbury District Cricket League and president of Batley Cricket Club.

He has dedicated more than 40 years playing the sport and encouraging youngsters to take part.

Mr Karolia’s ill-health has forced him to take a back seat but he still remains passionate about the sport.

Acting chairman of Batley