New Lions Club hopes to get up and roaring

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An evening of dancing, singing and laughter is being organised to help launch a new volunteer club.

A Frank Sinatra tribute concert is part of a day organised by Andrew Hamilton to attract volunteers to join a new Dewsbury and Spen Valley Lions Club.

Volunteer-led Lions Clubs support worthy local causes by arranging fundraising events. Morley and Huddersfield have clubs but North Kirklees has not had one for around 20 years.

Mr Hamilton, 72, of Old Bank Road, Dewsbury, said: “There hasn’t been a Lions Club in the area for a long time and we want to get enough people to launch our own.

“The club is not just about helping people nationally but its locally as well, we are somewhere that people could come and get help. Every penny raised by the public goes back to the public.”

Mr Hamilton tried to launch a club last year but, due to illness, the plan was abandoned.

Now he hopes to get enough support through the event to form the club.

The event will feature an information session at 2pm-4pm at Dewsbury Library, where people can find out more about what Lions Clubs do. The concert, which features performances from tribute act Phil Fryer, will be held at Dewsbury Town Hall from 7pm on Saturday May 16.

Mr Hamilton is currently a member of Morley and District Lions Club, who have funded the event.

He had lived in Dewsbury and Mirfield for more than 20 years when he moved to Milton Keynes, where he was heavily involved with the local Lions Club, before returning to Dewsbury.

For more information about the club contact Mr Hamilton on