Plea to fix ‘dangerous’ wall

DANGEROUS: John Gautry next to the wall which he believes is in danger of collapsing.
DANGEROUS: John Gautry next to the wall which he believes is in danger of collapsing.

A 6ft high stone wall is in danger of collapsing into a busy main road, it has been claimed.

John Gautry says the wall, in Walkley Lane, Heckmondwike, has eroded so badly at pavement level that it could soon fall down into the road – injuring anybody walking past.

He said he had reported it to Kirklees Council but because it was on private land the council said it was not up to the authority to repair it.

But Mr Gautry said Kirklees should repair the wall, which is packed up behind with earth, and bill the owner to avoid a serious accident.

He said: “I rang Kirklees about it a few years ago and they said they would keep an eye on it. I rang up again in February as I was so concerned during the winter. They sent a letter back and gave the name and address of the man who owned it. They said it’s not their responsibility but they would contact the owner to do something about it.

“About three months later I rang back again and I said knew it wasn’t the council’s responsibility but it was putting people in danger. I think it’s going to collapse at any time. Somebody has to do something when it’s a danger to the public. I think Kirklees has a responsibility to make it safe then get their money back.”

A Kirklees Council spokeswoman said: “This privately-owned wall was inspected by the council after Mr Gautry reported the problem earlier this year. The council then wrote to the owner to remind them of their responsibilities.

“As the owner has failed to act on the council’s advice, enforcement action will now be considered. The condition of the wall will be monitored and appropriate action to make it safe will be taken if it becomes necessary and any subsequent costs would be recovered from the owner.”