Police action on dangerous school run drivers

DANGEROUS DRIVERS Parents and pupils of Headlands School are concerned by how people are parking around school. Child minder Sally Greenwood with pupils of the school. (D535G343)

People who park dangerously outside a school may now be hearing from police.

Parents and residents met on Wednesday to discuss illegal parking outside Headlands School, Liversedge – and Insp Tim Holland from Spen NPT said police could offer support if campaign group members sent in photos of dangerous parking.

Parents set up the campaign following years of near misses and some accidents outside the school.

At the meeting, the Rev Ian Bullock, from Christ Church, Liversedge, said: “These problems have been going on for many years and it involves all residents, parents and governors.

“It’s about ensuring our children are safe as they go to school.

“There has been at least two accidents where adults have been hit by cars in the fast few months.

“If it happens to adults it could happen to children. The death of a child does not just affect the family and friends, it affects the entire community.

“It’s like a knife stabbing through the heart of these people. All the emotions that come with that are devastating to so many people.”

People said they had approached drivers parked dangerously outside the school, only to be met with abuse and threats.

They agreed to look into reinstating a drop and go zone, introducing a ‘walking bus’ where volunteers walk with children from a drop-off point, naming and shaming offenders and double yellow lines on Headlands Road.

Taxis parked dangerously can be reported to Kirklees Council on 01484 221000.

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