Police hunt £7k red diesel thieves

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POLICE are hunting for two men in connection with the theft of over £7,000 worth of red diesel from a Gomersal field.

Since June last year, a large container holding the fuel used to power a telephone mast has been broken into six times. Police believe that the thieves could be selling the fuel on.

Red diesel is a form of rebated heavy oil fuel that carries a lower tax levy than ordinary road fuels such as petrol and diesel. It is predominantly used in home heating or as an agricultural and industrial fuel.

The container holds over 5,000 litres of the diesel and following the previous thefts, a camera captured two men entering the building where it is kept.

On January 14 at around 9am a man wearing a yellow reflective jacket was seen on the CCTV footage and police are keen to speak to him.

Another incident in December saw a different man, wearing a dark coat, captured on film entering the building as well.

Spen Valley Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Tim Holland has warned motorists not to be tempted by the cheaper fuel.

“It’s illegal to use red diesel in road cars and if people are caught they can have their vehicles seized,” he warned.

“It’s not necessarily as good quality as fuel found at the pumps and can damage your engine. Bigger vehicles can cope with it but in smaller, modern cars it can cause a problem.

“If anyone is offered it for their cars, it might seem like a cheaper option, then they risk losing their vehicle.

“I would urge people who store fuel of any kind for legitimate purposes to make sure they take every step to protect it.”

l Anyone with any information is asked to contact PC 1030 Nick O’Melia at the Spen Valley NPT via 0845 6060606