Politician’s fury at anonymous attack

A FORMER councillor is fuming after receiving a vicious poison pen letter.

Derrick Yates, a former Gomersal and Liversedge councillor and this year’s Tory candidate for Batley East, was the target of the self-titled ‘Batley East Warrior’, who branded him ‘ferret face’.

The writer also dubbed the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government ‘Eric Flatulence Pants Pickles’ and made unkind references to his weight.

The writer’s main complaint was that he or she did not receive a leaflet from Mr Yates before the recent elections.

The anonymous message angered Mr Yates so much he reported it to police.

He said: “I have had my fair share of anonymous letters but nothing as nasty as this.

“I usually file them straight in the rubbish bin but this one crossed a line. Anyone too cowardly to put their name to what they have written, I don’t want to know them.”

Mr Yates added that police told him it would be too expensive to run forensic analysis on the letter to find the culprit.

And he wasn’t the only Batley East candidate to receive a letter on Saturday morning – independent candidate Mark Griffin also received a spiteful note, addressed to ‘Nasty Nick Griffin’.

The writer also complained about not getting any leaflets from Mr Griffin and referred to the ‘flatulence filled backsides’ of prospective councillors.

Mr Griffin described the letter as tragic.

He said: “It was just a bit pathetic really.

“There’s someone there really struggling to express themselves.

“But if you want a leaflet, Mr Anonymous Writer, I have a box of them here!”

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: “Officers have spoken to the complainant who has agreed that the letter is not threatening. Enquiries are however ongoing.”

The News contacted the office of Mr Pickles, who declined to comment.