Parliament praise for Dewsbury-born Baroness Boothroyd

Dewsbury-born Baroness Boothroyd was praised by Lord Fowler
Dewsbury-born Baroness Boothroyd was praised by Lord Fowler

Dewsbury born and ex-House of Commons (HoC) speaker, Baroness Betty Boothroyd was recently congratulated in the House of Lords for reaching her 90th birthday.

The celebration was led by Speaker for the House of Lords (HoL), Lord Fowler, who said Baroness Boothroyd’s “no nonsense approach” remains refreshing today as it was during her time as speaker.

Still sitting as a cross-party peer, Baroness Boothroyd was elevated to the House of Lords 18 years ago and on October 8 tributes were paid to her “invaluable contribution” to politics.

Lord Fowler, Speaker of the HoL, said: “I would like to pay tribute to one of our most distinguished members, Baroness Boothroyd.

“Not only was the noble Lady an exceptional champion of the ancient and undoubted rights and privileges of the House of Commons as their speaker, she has continued to make an invaluable contribution to this house since she was introduced 18 years ago.”

“Her no-nonsense approach is as refreshing today as it was the day she took up her seat in the Commons itself.

“She’s always acted with courtesy and charm, and as a role model for all parlimentarians.”

The Baroness commented in the HoL on the current Extinction Rebellion protests stating “it seems the demonstrators are in control of the police”.