Tory party to target 'rugby league middle England' Halifax men for December election

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Calderdale will be a key targets for the Conservative party for the General Election on December 12.

Since the 1980s, Halifax has been known as a traditional Labour stronghold, and the Tories are being urged to target the Calder Valley to gain these key regional seats.

Targeting the area and similar towns will give the Conservatives the best chance of winning the Christmas general election, according to think tank Onward.

Onward said the Tories will need to target "middle England" voter who is an older, white, non-graduate man from the North of England, with strong rugby league traditions and a tendency to vote Labour.

A party spokesperson said: "For the Conservatives to win a majority at the upcoming general election requires a leap of faith by people who have never voted Tory before.

"These voters are not nostalgic; they don't believe there was a golden age we need to return to.

"They're looking for change, but change that delivers greater security in their lives, not more exposure to the harsh winds of globalisation."

The use of voter stereotypes as a targeting tactic dates back to at least Margaret Thatcher's repeated electoral wins in the 1980s where the working-class "Essex man" switched allegiance from Labour to the Tories.

The December 12 election will be the third in three years and the first to be held in December since 1923.