Post Office plan ‘could be lost’

ROBERTTOWN could miss its opportunity for a post office if no business comes forward to house it, says Spen MP Mike Wood.

Post Office Limited has agreed to provide a Post Office Local service in the village, which would need to be housed inside an existing business.

The agreement came following a public meeting in May – but no business has yet come forward to offer it a home.

And Mr Wood said he was concerned the Post Office may withdraw its offer because of a lack of interest.

He said since the meeting he had been encouraging businesses to come forward and had organised meetings between potential partners and the company – and the Post Office had even approached businesses itself – but with no success.

He said: “We have won the battle. The Post Office is willing to open a branch in Roberttown, but we risk losing the war if we cannot find someone willing to take it on.”

At the meeting in May, regional network manager Adrian Wales said the Post Office Local facility would provide 95 per cent of the service a full branch could – and the Post Office was committed to bringing it to Roberttown.

Mr Wood said: “Mr Wales has re-emphasised to me his personal commitment to finding a solution for Roberttown but the present impasse could easily be read by the Post Office as a diminishing demand for a post office in the village.”

Mr Wales said he would be happy to speak to any potential businesses, he added.

To find out more, contact Mr Wood’s office on 01274 335233 or email