Priest in the hood!

KEEP CALM Fr John Abberton with the poster and hoodie he designed. (D532A403)
KEEP CALM Fr John Abberton with the poster and hoodie he designed. (D532A403)

The Pope might not be everyone’s idea of a fashion muse.

But after controversial headlines about the Pontiff upset Catholics, a Heckmondwike priest was inspired to design a hoodie in tribute to him.

Father John Abberton, priest at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Heckmondwike, said the Pope had been misquoted and misunderstood in interviews about sin and abortion, which had upset fellow Catholics.

He decided to design a poster online to appeal for calm – and bought a hoodie on a whim!

It features his slogan ‘Keep calm and trust Pope Francis’ and the crossed keys Papacy symbol.

Now the hoodie is causing a stir among parishioners who want to get their hands on one for themselves!

Father Abberton said: “Some of the media have taken Pope Francis’s quotes out of context. One ridiculous headline was ‘has the Pope abolished sin?’.

“A planned parenthood group thanked him after he said the church should be speaking less about abortion.

“The media has been trying to build up an image of him which suits them, and a lot of Catholics have become very concerned and confused by it.

“The Pope is not liberal or conservative, he is teaching us to live a more Christian life, rejecting materialism and greed. But this is nothing new – it all comes from Jesus Christ.

“People thought the hoodie was funny and laughed but then they said they wanted one!

“It is there is to make an amusing but serious point.

“People should look carefully at what the Pope is saying instead of jumping to conclusions.

“There is nothing to get anxious about – just be sensible and don’t believe everything you read!”