Pub forced to close after travellers block entrance

The Silver Birch, Cleckheaton
The Silver Birch, Cleckheaton

Police were called to a Cleckheaton pub when a large group of travellers blocked its entrance.

The Silver Birch, on Centurion Way, was forced to close for most of the day on September 23 when the group became aggressive and verbally abusive towards staff.

The manager of the pub, who did not wish to be named, said that the party were upsetting customers.
“They arrived at about 11.30am and we did initially let them have a drink.

“But they began to cause a lot of mayhem and it started to affect our other customers.

“It was unfair on them and our staff to be surrounded and troubled by the gypsies because they were causing quite a disturbance.

“When we did not serve them food they became very aggressive and verbally abusive towards us and so we called the police and we were forced to close.”

The group, which had 13 caravans between them, then blocked the entrance to the pub, according to staff. On police advice, the pub remained shut for the rest of the day.

A police spokeswoman said: “Officers attended at a public house in Centurion Way, Cleckheaton, shortly before 1.30pm this afternoon following a report that a number of caravans had been parked up at the location blocking access.

“The group were spoken to by police and left the site at 2.15pm.”