Pupils get street smart

PUPILS learnt how to travel safely to school as part of Child Safety Week.

Kirklees Council’s Road Safety team visited High Bank School in Windy Bank to encourage pupils to make safe journeys to school, learn how to use crossings and take care with cars both as passengers and pedestrians.

Younger pupils took turns carrying a lollipop sign and using model pedestrian crossings, while older pupils were given a demonstration of what can happen when passengers do not use seatbelts, using a model car filled with fabric passengers and sent downhill into a crash barrier.

Headteacher Kath Benetis said: “The event in school has been really beneficial to the children and now they will be asking their parents, or other family members, for booster seats before they travel in a car.

“The younger children in school have talked about being safe on the roads and how they should only cross the road with an adult, so the day has left an impression on the children and was definitely worthwhile.”

The theme of Child Safety Week this year was Take A Second Look.