Pupils go bananas for Fairtrade fun

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Four pupils at the first ‘Fairtrade school’ in Kirklees have been given awards for their charity work.

The girls, who attend BBG Academy in Birkenshaw, were presented with Fairtrade Ambassador Good Citizen certificates by mayor and mayoress of Kirklees Jim and Carol Dodds.

Georgia, Iara, Megan and Isobel have demonstrated their commitment to Fairtrade’s ethos of sustainable food production by organising fundraising activities and running the Good Citizen Group after-school club.

Georgia even dressed up as a Fairtrade banana to welcome the VIP visitors and the foursome were all given boxes of ethically-sourced Maltesers as a prize.

“We got involved with Fairtrade when we heard about it and felt like it needed to be addressed – and it’s close to our hearts!” said Iara.

The group then enjoyed an afternoon tea featuring Fairtrade products served by pupils, including a home-baked cake made by Georgia.

Coun Dodds was pleased to accompany the Kirklees Fairtrade Forum to the event.

“I’m really impressed with the attitude of the children I’ve met, and I think it’s a good example to set for the rest of the schools in Kirklees. Being a good citizen is so important and we must all work together to help benefit those who need help and this is what BBG are doing.”

Guest Dorothy Smith was also impressed:

“I’ve enjoyed myself very much this afternoon. I want to say how wonderful the children have been. And the food has been delicious,” said the 79-year-old.

BBG Academy has applied to renew its Fairtrade status.