Purrfect ending for Jager!

Lauran Kilvington and Jager
Lauran Kilvington and Jager

AN adventurous moggy is feline fine after a seven month adventure which took him 15 miles from his home.

Jager, a black and white tom, was found by staff at Flexitallic and Novus Sealing in Cleckheaton with a plastic bag wrapped round his head.

Kathryn Payne, the firm’s marketing manager, said: “Our security guard found him on site a few months ago choking to death.

“His head was in a plastic bag and the handles were wrapped around his neck, the poor cat was dripping in sweat and he was terrified.

“The guard cut him loose, warmed him back up and brought him back round. Ever since the cat has been living in the bushes behind our security office, and staff have been taking it in turns to feed him.

Recently we began to talk about re-housing him and we had a few employees interested in taking him home.

“A few of us clubbed together to pay for him to be taken to the vets for a health check, I took him on Saturday to Abbey House, in Cleckheaton, with Gareth Duffin. The vet immediately realised he was micro-chipped, and they managed to track the owner down.

“It turns out the cat was called Jager, and had been missing for seven months from Wortley in Leeds – the owners had given up hope of ever seeing him again and were delighted when they received the call to say he had been found.”

Gareth said: “I’m so glad we decided to take him to the vets and to get him checked over, otherwise we would never have found out who his owners were. It goes to show that micro-chipping your pets does work, and I’d like to thank Abbey House Veterinary Hospital for their help.

“I hope Jager settles back in at home, and if he turns up again we now know where he lives!”

Jager’s owners Laura Kilvington and Jamie Martin, and their baby Zach, are delighted to have him back again.

“He disappeared a week after Zach was born and I can only think he’s sneaked into a truck without the driver noticing and ended up in Cleckheaton!” said Laura. We thought we’d never see him again, but are thrilled to have got him back.

“We’re really grateful to the workers for looking after him all this time. It seems like he was on his last legs when they found him.”