Putting the brakes on speeding motorists

Coun Andrew Palfreeman by Whitehall Road, Birkenshaw. d315a338
Coun Andrew Palfreeman by Whitehall Road, Birkenshaw. d315a338

Police are putting the brakes on drivers who flout speeding limits on one of Spen’s busiest roads.

In September Birkenshaw ward councillor Andrew Palfreeman revealed in the Guardian that more than 3,500 motorists broke the 30mph limit every day in his village, with some clocking up speeds of 70-80mph and he branded their actions as “potentially murderous.”

Now he and his fellow ward councillors have welcomed police action on the A58 between the Drighlington by-pass and the entry to Birkenshaw village.

In the past 10 days officers have issued 21 tickets for speeding and reported one driver for summons.

Coun Palfreeman said: “We promised to encourage the police to do all they could to support local residents who are being subjected to danger from these irresponsible drivers.

“We raised the issue at one of our regular meetings with the local police and, although they have many other demands on their time, they have promised to regularly enforce the speed limits on this stretch of road.

The number of tickets that have already been issued illustrates both the extent of the problem and the determination of the police to catch those who refuse to comply with the speed limits.

“We have been assured that this is just the beginning of the campaign so I advise anyone travelling through Birkenshaw to do so at a safe speed.”