Pyenot Hall Lane bollards – they’re there for our safety

I noticed on the Welcome to Cleckheaton page on Facebook that there is now a petition asking for 3,000 signatures in order to re-open Pyenot Hall Lane, and remove the bollards.

After having a look at the various names of people who had “signed” (some twice), and reading their comments, I can see where the concerns come from.

However once again Viv Laycock seems to be wading in to the debate, only this time I feel her comments are a disgrace!.

In her comments she wrote: “To close Pyenot has given residents a private car park...”

Can I just point out to Vivien that the bollards were put in place as a safety measure for residents pedestrians and children and NOT as a car park!

I have two small children and the bollards have been a great thing as now my children can cross the road without some idiot driving at them at speeds in excess of 50mph . 
Cars are parked on both sides of the road, leaving access for just one vehicle, rendering crossing the road for a child or adult very dangerous. Yes, speed bumps are an option as are various other methods.

Could I also point out that the residents and their cars are the same people who shop in Cleckheaton.

People who shop in Cleckheaton do live in Cleckheaton, as opposed to this myth that it’s only people who live in surrounding areas who have a car who shop here.

So I think Vivien should think twice before she comments on such matters.

If she is trying to bring trade into Cleckheaton, she should start by not insulting the very people who shop there!

S Hopper

Pyenot Hall Lane