Quag-Miry Lane! Parents’ anger over building chaos

MUD BATH Parents are angry about the disruption caused by Harron Homes' development off Miry Lane. (d317b406)
MUD BATH Parents are angry about the disruption caused by Harron Homes' development off Miry Lane. (d317b406)

Young children are being forced to walk through mud past huge lorries or take a 20 minute detour to get to school because of a building development, say disgruntled parents and carers.

Harron Homes is building a housing development on the former Victoria dyeworks in Halifax Road, Hightown.

Parents say the lorries are using Miry Lane, a narrow unmade road, to access the site – blocking their driveways with lorries, leaving them trudging through mud and dirty water or adding a 20 minute detour on their walk to school to avoid the lorries.

Mum Linda Haldenby said: “It’s the closest access road to Hightown School. I am disabled – I have problems walking, so going the long way round adds at least 20 minutes and with small children it’s unacceptable.”

Mrs Haldenby said she had contacted Harron Homes but had not received a reply.

She said: “It’s icy and there is a pipe pumping stagnant water down, which we have to walk on. It’s no longer just inconsiderate, it’s a health hazard.

“Something needs doing before somebody gets hurt.”

Grandparent Ann Bolland said: “I take my granddaughter to school every day. All the schoolchildren use Miry Lane. The road is filthy but the detour puts more time on your walk to school.

“People can’t get on to Halifax Road because they can’t get past the lorries and cement mixers in Miry Lane. They can’t use their driveways because if they park at night they can’t get out in the morning.

“We have got to get the kids to press themselves against the wall to let the lorries and cement mixers past.

“The building site is so waterlogged that they have a pipe pumping out all the dirty water on to Miry Lane. It’s like a river and it’s dirty and muddy. There is mud all over the main road. A car skidded on it the other day and there was almost an accident.”

Coun Simon Alvy (Lab, Liversedge and Gomersal) said: “Kirklees officers are working with Harron Homes to find a solution. People need to speak to me if Harron Homes leave the road in a mess and park at inappropriate times. They should be putting in a hardstanding so they don’t have to park on Miry Lane and they say they will be sweeping the road twice a day.”

Nobody at Harron Homes was available for comment.