Radio Aire presenter Caroline Verdon is woefully unprepared for arrival of baby number two

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It’s a well-known fact that all a baby needs in those first few days is a wooden rocking llama and some wall stickers.

That is right isn’t it? Because with a matter of weeks to go ,that’s all we’ve sorted for this baby.

When we were pregnant with Arthur, by this point we had his nursery sorted, clothes washed and put away, enough nappies and wet wipes to sink a ship and more muslins than any child could use in a lifetime. This time we are far less prepared. The pregnancy nesting bug hasn’t kicked in at all and my usual habit of list-making hasn’t either. I’m usually pretty organised but at the moment we are in total disarray.

The other weekend we popped to a car boot with the intention of looking for a chest of drawers for the baby’s room. I’m a big believer in second hand furniture especially when it is only going to be needed for a couple of years. Why spend hundreds when Facebook Marketplace or a booty has a good as new version for £15? The reason why is because had we gone to a nursery furniture shop we may have had a chance of returning home with some nursery furniture. Instead we returned home with a remote control robot for our three-year-old and the 5ft ride on llama for the baby. It was only £20 from a charity stall so how could we refuse? He’ll love it when he’s big enough to ride it - in about two years time.

One thing I have managed to do is go to town on Pinterest. I have hundreds of photos of nurseries saved for ideas and, at some point, I’m sure I’ll turn those ideas into a reality. I like gender-neutral designs that will last as long as possible rather than something that is overtly baby-like. I saw one where the walls were white but one had little black triangles all over it. It was modern, geometric, funky and, given that babies see in black and white at first, I figured it was perfect (let’s ignore the fact that he’ll be six months old before he sleeps in his own room). I was all ready to paint the triangles on or find wallpaper in a similar design but then my husband suggested wall stickers. That way we could simply remove them once baby is big enough to want something specific. ‘Reusable’ the packet claimed. ‘Easy peel’ was another remark. PERFECT I thought.

Having freshly painted the nursery last week, the stickers arrived on Monday. I wasn’t quite sure which wall would be best to cover with black triangles but hey, they were reusable and easy peel so I could pick a wall, try them and then try them somewhere else if I fancied it, couldn’t I? Turns out I could not. I put one triangle up, went to move it and ripped a triangle shaped blob of paint clean off the wall. I then spent the next ten minutes attempting to place another sticker over the top in exactly the same place so that it wasn’t noticeable (in general, but also to my husband, who was no doubt going to flip his lid if he saw it).

On the up side it made the decision of which wall to cover an easy one. The downside is that Arthur has now decided he wants his room decorated too. It’s still the same magnolia that it was when we moved in and he is nearly four now so it’s probably about time. The issue is that he has a very specific design request. He’s after one wall covering in rockets, another with the planets and the moon and he wants his ceiling painted black and covering in stars. He also wants out of space bedding and an actual rocket that will take him into actual space and he wants it over in the corner by his books. That way he’ll have something to read on the journey. In addition he wants astronaut pyjamas and a laser-gun to fight off aliens.

Move over Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, there’s a new designer in town.