Rat-run drivers cost Greenside couple their wall

Greenside Road in Mirfield.
Greenside Road in Mirfield.

Another Mirfield couple have claimed their home has been victim to careless drivers who have “completely demolished” their garden wall.

Upper Hopton couple Marie Kane and Chris Dodsly last week said their home in Hopton Lane had been repeatedly struck by drivers ignoring signs not to turn right.

Now a man in nearby Greenside Road has said the same thing is happening to his property, and that his wall has been destroyed by repeated hits from motor vehicles, even claiming he can no longer use his front door.

Alex Russell said: “We can fully sympathise with Marie and Chris.

“My wife and I have been in our property in Greenside Road, Mirfield, for the past eight years.

“During this time we have had the front wall outside our property demolished by a vehicle and had to replace both gates three times as a result of traffic strikes.

“I cannot use my front door as traffic regularly mounts the footpath which makes it too dangerous.”

Alex previously said that, although Kirklees Council had acknowledged the road in Upper Hopton was too narrow and taken some measures to address it, no such action had been taken for Greenside Road.

He claimed Greenside Road was used as a rat-run for all through traffic between Leeds Road and Huddersfield Road and, despite it being residential, nothing had been done to restrict traffic.

He added: “It is an absolute nightmare of a road for residents and an accident waiting to happen for pedestrians.”