Raw sewage flood threatening salon

WATER DISASTER: Cleckheaton hair salon owner Laura Monk in her salon. (d305a248)
WATER DISASTER: Cleckheaton hair salon owner Laura Monk in her salon. (d305a248)

A HAIRDRESSER is kicking up a stink with Yorkshire Water after years of problems with raw sewage floods in her shop.

Laura Monk, who runs Colours UK salon in Bradford Road, Cleckheaton, said raw sewage had been coming up through the salon toilet periodically for the past 10 years.

But since March it had started to happen every week – and more recently was happening nearly every day.

She said: “Last Wednesday we scooped 17 mop buckets of raw sewage out of the toilet and into the road. It was horrific.

“Since March it’s cost £8,000 to £10,000 in lost takings. That doesn’t include the money we have spent on replacing equipment and buying cleaning things. We must have gone through 50 mops and my reception desk is rotting.

“I have lost a lot of customers. They are fed up because we keep having to close. People are not coming back because we had to cancel their appointments.

“After eight months of complaints, Yorkshire Water has finally taken the pipe away, but there is a problem with another pipe and the sewage is now going into a cellar behind us. Yorkshire Water pumps it out.

“I am really fed up with it all and I am not stopping until I get it sorted out.”

A Yorkshire Water spokesman said the company had investigated the problem last Friday and discovered the pipe had been illegally altered.

He said: “We are looking to effect the repair as soon as possible.

“Flooding is an awful experience and we are working alongside the customer to do everything we can to resolve the issue.”