Resident alerted school as armed police swarmed Earlsheaton

The car involved in the incident.
The car involved in the incident.

Children at an Earlsheaton School were kept inside yesterday after a police operation in a nearby street.

Armed police sealed off a property in Wakefield Road yesterday afternoon after an incident involving a black BMW, and Manor Croft Academy was put on lockdown after a tip-off from a nearby resident.

Principal Hayley Clacy said: “We have emergency procedures in place for when things like this happen.

“We were alerted by a local resident who told us that there was an incident taking place in Old Bank Road involving weapons, and staff acted swiftly to respond.”

Windows, blinds and doors were locked, with staff manning each door. The alert was only made minutes before home-time, prompting the school to send out a text to parents assuring them their children were safe.

Students were allowed out 15 minutes late, and Mrs Clacy praised the efforts of staff and pupils.

“I was incredibly proud of the way the students and staff responded,” she said. “It could not have gone any more smoothly.”

She confirmed the school day today (Friday) would go ahead as normal.

An eyewitness who lives next to Old Bank Road said: “It was just after 2pm,” he said. “And I heard a loud bang – like a gunshot – and lots of raised voices.

“I went downstairs to look out of my window and saw about four police cars and 12 burly gents, some with machine guns pointed at two men who were on the ground.”

He added one of the men who had been caught was being unruly, and was tasered by police.

“The whole thing went on for 35-40 minutes,” the eyewitness added. “I was told police had tried to stop the car in Wakefield Road, but it had diverted down Old Bank Road.

“It then tried to reverse, before hitting a police car and hitting my 4x4.”

The 4x4 was then pushed into the side of the man’s house, causing damage to his wall.

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