Review of the year 2014: August

AUGUST 2014 Stannage International Stunt Team perform at Mirfield Show.
AUGUST 2014 Stannage International Stunt Team perform at Mirfield Show.

Unpredictable weather was not enough to stop thousands of people coming to Mirfield Show 70 years after it was first established.

A vast array of agricultural entertainment was on offer, ranging from vegetable to stunt shows. Organisers estimated around 8,000 people visited the showgrounds that day.

A row erupted over graveside memorials after cherished items were removed by church wardens under order of the Diocese. Personal mementoes were stuffed into plastic bags and dumped behind Thornhill Parish Church – but defiant relatives turned up to put their items back beside cremation stones.

Threats to crucial public services were revealed when Kirklees Council announced its three-year spending proposals. Faced with cuts of £152m, the council said libraries and museums across North Kirklees, including Red House Museum in Gomersal and Bagshaw museum in Batley, could face the axe with massive reductions in funding to parks and to public events also likely. The council will report back on the findings of its consultation.

The new Batley and Spen District Committee got off to a shaky start when a third of the councillors failed to show up for its first meeting.

The few councillors who were there could not tell members of the public anything concrete about how the new committee would work because the council was still consulting on the issue and asking local people to give ideas.