Review: Singer Natasha shines in Acorn Theatre Company’s Little Voice

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The British film Little Voice proved a smash worldwide, earning critical acclaim for all its cast but most notably Jane Horrocks for her incredible turn as heroine LV.

Stepping into her shoes is no easy task, but Natasha Harper proved more than capable with a fantastic performance worthy of the professional stage.

Her renditions of numbers by divas like Shirley Bassey were simply superb, and were backed up with heartfelt acting that had the whole audience rooting for the downtrodden girl with a hidden talent.

Louise Maude and Cev Barker struck just the right balance with their skilful performances as loudmouthed mother Marie and low-rent manager Ray Say, managing to find humanity in what could easily have been caricatures.

Together with supporting actors Andrew Marsden,Dean Booth, Nicola Watson and Ashley Armitage they treated us to a truly enjoyable night.