Review: West Side Story at Leeds Grand Theatre

MEMORABLE NIGHT West Side Story at Leeds Grand Theatre.
MEMORABLE NIGHT West Side Story at Leeds Grand Theatre.

A richly deserved standing ovation was given to the cast of West Side Story when this superb production opened at Leeds Grand Theatre last Tuesday night.

The theatre crackled with tension as the rival Jets and Sharks confronted each other in perfectly executed dance numbers, all building towards a tragic conclusion that felt unavoidable.

Louis Maskell (Tony) and Katie Hall (Maria) were compelling to watch as the star-crossed lovers full of hope and optimism, and their soaring vocals were outstanding.

Memorable performances of America and Gee, Officer Krupkee were packed with energy and humour, and showed off the talents of other members of the cast.

Standing out among them was Djalenga Scott, who joined Katie Hall in a moving rendition of A Boy Like That/I Have A Love and brought real depth to the role of Anita.

Jack Wilcox and Javier Cid also excelled as rival gang leaders Riff and Bernardo.

Whether you’re a fan of this musical or not, this production is unmissable.