Reward for stolen cats

DEVASTATED: Saffron, Leigh, Kate and Summer Sutton. (d502A252)
DEVASTATED: Saffron, Leigh, Kate and Summer Sutton. (d502A252)

CHRISTMAS has been ruined for a family whose beloved cats were stolen in a burglary.

The Sutton family’s home in Scholes Lane was burgled last Friday night while dad Leigh, his wife Kate and their daughters Saffron and Summer were asleep upstairs.

POSTERS: Saffron and Summer Sutton draw their pictures of Zuma and Ruble. (d502C252)

POSTERS: Saffron and Summer Sutton draw their pictures of Zuma and Ruble. (d502C252)

Leigh said when the family woke up in the morning they realised the house had been broken into and the thieves had made off with valuables, the family car – and their two 10-year-old Birman house cats, Mazuma and Ruble.

He said: “We were all upstairs in bed – we didn’t hear a thing.

“We have had the cats since they were kittens. We didn’t know if they had run off but when car was recovered later in Wyke there was cat fur all over the back seat.

“Our daughters are gutted. Saffron said, ‘I don’t know whether to be happy because it’s Christmas or sad because we haven’t got the cats any more. There are only four members of our family now.’”

Leigh said the family struggled to enjoy their Christmas dinner as they were so concerned for the welfare of their pets.

He said: “Christmas morning took the girls’ minds off it for a bit, but we hardly ate our Christmas dinner. Most of it went to waste. The girls keep asking why the thieves won’t bring the cats back. It’s not knowing whether they are alright or whether they are hurt.

“The cats are very friendly - they have never scratched anybody. They will be terrified.”

Leigh said as well as valuables the thieves took a vacuum cleaner and even a pair of old trainers.

He said: “They have taken anything they could get their hands on. We don’t care about anything else, it’s only money. The cats are part of the family. We just want them back.”

He said friends and family had clubbed together to raise a £1,000 reward for the safe return of the cats.

Anyone with information can contact him on 07917 170283.