Roller derby girl gets Blue Peter badge

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A Birstall member of the Roller Derby League has been awarded the Blue Peter badge for taking part in the programme.

BBC’s Blue Peter presenter Radzi Chinyanganya spent the afternoon filming and taking part in the Roll the Dolls Roller Derby League.

All the children that took part in the filming were given a badge including 13-year-old April Keegan, a at St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy,

The teenager has been a part of the Roller Derby League in Leeds for the past two years and wants to continue progressing in the sport

Alison Scott, proud mother of April, said: “April was really excited and even the presenter got involved in the sport.

“The presenter had a go and he was a bit wobbly at first so that was very amusing.”

April first got into the sport by coming along to training and ‘hasn’t looked back since.’

Miss Scott said: “April’s a really active girl and likes all sport, it’s definitely a sport she wants to pursue in the future.”

Roller Derby is a speed-skating sport on roller skates and requires a large amount of skill and training.

Miss Scott said: “It’s little known but very upcoming I think.

“It’s an aggressive sport but it’s great fun.”

Members of the Roller Derby League are set to appear on Blue Peter programme in the coming weeks.

BBC Blue Peter arrived to film in the afternoon and April was awarded her Blue Peter Badge at the end of the filming.

The Blue Peter badge is awarded to children aged six and over. They are awarded for sending in interesting personal stories and ideas for the programme.

A Blue Peter badge is also awarded for appearing on the programme.

The Roller Derby League filming will be aired on April 28.